Please place your booking in advance, 2 to 7 days is recommended but shorter notice bookings can always be accommodated.
Have all details to hand - Flight no's, dates and times, mobile phone no's etc.
All fares will be quoted before accepting your booking.




Your booking time is your journey's scheduled departure time.
Your car will arrive 5 mins prior to booking time to load luggage etc or 10 minutes prior for large amounts of luggage/buggies etc.  
Please be ready to depart on time as this helps to ensure our time-keeping for later bookings.
Allow plenty of time for your journey, we can advise accordingly.



All waiting time will be charged as follows -
The first 5 mins from booking time is free
+ £3.00 for 5 - 10 mins waiting
+ £3.00 per 10 minute segment thereafter
+ any incurred car parking fees.





Customers are advised to aware themselves of these terms and conditions prior to placing bookings with myself.  Bookings are taken on the assumption of their understanding and acceptance of them.

Delays and Breakdowns -

As a result of any traffic congestion, delays, vehicle breakdown or any other events beyond our reasonable control, completion of  journeys may take longer than predicted or expected and in these exceptional circumstances I will not be liable for any consequential loss or inconvenience suffered by the hirer as a result thereof. 

Refreshments, Beverages and Drinks -

No food, snacks, crisps, chocolate etc (except confectionery) may be consumed in the vehicle.
Beverages, drinks, water etc may only be consumed in the vehicles if in a suitable sealable container and only with the prior consent of the driver.

In-Car Sickness, Intoxication -

Any incident resulting in the soiling or damage of the car's seats, interior upholstery or exterior bodywork will incur a minimum charge of £125.00 to cover  cleaning costs and loss of earnings.
This fee maybe payable before the commencement of the journey if the driver feels that there is an enhanced risk of sickness due to intoxication etc and will be refunded on completion of a clean journey.

Refusal of Travel -

The driver retains the right to refuse or abort the conveyance of any passenger/s for any justifiable reason.

Baby/Booster Seats

Customer's own Baby/Booster Seats, if used, are to be fitted, secured and checked by the customer.